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A new physics paper suggests that we may all be living ...

My money's on the universe being like Civ 6, with its borked-n-bonkers AI.


Microsoft's VASA-1 takes AI-generated video one step cl...

The researchers are targeting 'positive applications' for their work, so that's ...


Fallout TV show sneaks in New Vegas lead designer's map...

That Los Angeles sunshine coming through.


Galax's single-slot RTX 4060 Ti is out in the wild, tho...

165W is a little beyond a single slot cooler according to a new review.


Today's Wordle answer for Monday, April 22

Help with solving Monday's puzzle.


Magic: The Gathering's latest set gives you a good excu...

Outlaws of Thunder Junction finds new use for old toys.


The ultimate bloatware removal tool now works on any ve...

It's a great way to add Windows 11 support to an older machine.


Five new Steam games you probably missed (April 22, 2024)

Sorting through every new game on Steam so you don't have to.


Toss, perch on, and leap from your magic staff in the d...

Akatori: Chapter One is one of those free prologue demos that are so popular now.


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